About Om Garuda

About Om Garuda



Hi there! My Name is Dieng Laras Yuniardi, I’m a Skywalker with the Magnetic tone of Purpose, aspiring being by time, I seal the output of space, I am Unifying in order to Explore, I Attract Wakefulness, I am guided by the power of my own power Doubled! and this is my channel|blog. I arrived here on Velatropa 24.3 & through my loving mom start gate, born on the slope of active volcano, Dieng plateau central Java above The Ring Of Fire in between 17.000++ islands in early 80?s, grew up on major islands on Indonesian archipelago between Pacific and Indian Ocean.. I live in Barcelona before & after I travelled to Portugal, Hungaria, Kroasia & Rumania, German, and I am Orangutan who like Oliva, Almendra & Picante (And gettin’ caught in the Snow.) And You know what? we are living in the same planet as well!! Amazing!! Having Spiritual Evolution project called Om Garuda Yess I am whois having great times play & shares deep diving exploring, universal harmonic fusion wide range diverse psychedelics visions, healing sounds, Mantra/Chants/Ikaro, Ethnic, Tribal, Gamelan, Cosmic Groove, Ambient/Trance, Chillout, Downtempo, Chillgressive, Intelligent Labs/Nature sounds, consciously whispering ancestral, wisdom, love, compassion, connection toward one & another, anahata opening..
Graduated from art~space * Santa Mandala in Ubud, Bali where he met all the light tribes, GC Sitaram Vision Tribe family, all beautiful freaks on the island & from others side of the planet since then there were no turning back & keep evolving, helping to raise the vibration of Love Life forces here with You all Here on Earth..

We Are One Consciousness

Thank you now to be here!
You are welcome to share with me a thrive on lifetime dreamscapes
I Hope to share the time and dance with you guys on the vortex of light, visions, sounds and resonance
Earth is I Body, Air is I Breath, Water is I Blood, Fire is I Spirit, Galaksi is I Origin, Jungle is I Home, Life is I Knowledge, Light is I Tribe, Love is I Religion, Heart is I Temple, Time is I Art
Galaktik Kulture We Come In Peace
Tri Hita Karana Mah?v?kya Tat Tvam Asi
Hun ~ Ben Kin 53
Om Sat Namaste ~*~

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